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Construction Inspection And Report

Houses can be inspected under construction any time, however it’s best at all 4 stages as there is many trades carrying out work in building your new house, but no independent inspector. This is where we can help you with our informed opinion through the construction period.

There is usually a 4 stage inspection procedure. Each stage report is $350

Which are [1] slab or subfloor, [2] frame, [3] preplaster and [4] handover/final report – Price: $350

  • Issues with the concrete… could be the level, is it within 4349.12007 standards?
  • Honeycomb… has all the concrete been vibrated throughly if not the concrete could fail as this has happened before!!
  • Rebate finished off ready and suitable for the next stage which is bricklaying.
  • Exposed steel… any exposed steel that can be seen by the naked eye is not allowed anywhere as all steel needs to have at least 40mm cover of concrete.
  • Earth rod properly installed.
  • The vapour barrier must extend to a height that makes it successful in its application.

[1] Slab or Sub Floor Inspection – Price: $350

Once the poring of the concrete slab has been layed. Areas that are imperative to inspect are:

  • Level    —  with in Australian standards 4349.1 2007
  • Honey comb  has the concretor carried out a through vibration of the total area, as this is critical.
  • Not doing this, it has been know for the concrete slab to fail.
  • Rebate finished off level for the bricklayer.
  • Earth rod properly installed.
  • Exposed steel any where is a concern as any steel that can be view by the naked eye can be a major defect.
  • Lock up stage inspection.

[2] Frame – Price: $350

In accordance with the house approved plans by the building surveyor which is what the builder will be constructing to all parts of timber frame [or steel] will be checked to make sure it’s built to Australian standard 1684.20 and 4349.1

  • Such as room size, wall height.
  • Points of concern… Are fixing points, tie downs, bracing, point loaded areas.
  • Lintal compliance, block installation, installation of windows and door frames and the quality of timber used.

[3] Preplaster – Price: $350

To achieve this stage the house should be able to be locked up with a key

  • So no access by others.
  • Meaning all exterior doors to inside need to be hung.
  • Not the garage door.
  • Windows installed, brick work complete, porch and eaves installed.
  • Flashings /Fascia / Gutter and Roof has been installed.
  • The walls should have been planned to plumb ready for plaster.
  • Rouging of the electrical and plumbing can now be carried out.

[4] Handover Final Inspection Report – Price: $350

This inspection has the most areas of concern as it is a visual inspection. The quality workmanship must meet Australian standards 4349.1 2007 and the standard and tolerance schedule.

Items of most concern:

  • Paint cover [take note of glancing light]
  • Tiles layed gap needs to be consistent usually 3 or 5 mm tile, minimum lippage.
  • Caulking and grouting complete and even.
  • All doors will close and lock evenly and door seals to all entry doors.
  • Water areas, no leaks to taps, toilet pans, and cisterns, under bench pipes and run all taps showers and bath or other to check for blockages.
  • Brick work, even coarse, perps clean, no chips, cracks and clean and no overhang.
  • Check ceiling insulation proper cover.
  • Check floor to ceiling height as per plans.
  • All electrical switches working  including globes and tactics.
  • Look for termite certificate.

Terms and Conditions

Galaxy house inspections has prepared this report with the Guild lines of Australian Standards 4349.1-2007 requirement of this standard are the minimum visual inspection and not by the removing  any objects including furniture /paintings, beds, clothing, of the residential home under inspection and noted in the report

Clear access is required to man hole [ceiling] 400mmx 500mm and to subfloor [under floor]

Roof exterior off ladder maximum 3.6 placed on the ground

The failure of not signing this agreement and not returning this agreement still means that you have read and understood this agreement and will be charged as per the cost of inspection

The report is prepared for and only who is stated on report and cannot be used by any other unless agreed before the inspection has been carried out

The report has been carried out by the inspector providing it is safe to do, clear access and safe from hazards, chemicals and obstructions

The inspection does not cover the workings of electrical appliances, gas appliances, smoke detectors cooling systems, window coverings, pool and spa and its equipment and doors electrical powered

The report does not comment on legal matters, that should have been covered when it was purchased or buy the nominated building surveyor when under construction unless mention before the inspection carried out

Buy accepting this agreement you accept to pay the total payment on or before receiving the report

The return to, reinspect or negotiate with owner or other parties will be at a cost $150. Per hour

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Slab or Sub Floor Inspection, Frame, Preplaster, Handover Final Inspection Report