Galaxy house inspections has been built on the back of 30 years experience in the residential building industry constructing units, single level, double story, three level homes, medium density developments sites and renovations for home owners and investors.

The importance of quality, built to the Australian standard AS4349.1 2007 and the building code of Australia [BCA] are imperative.

Having constructed over 300 homes in Melbourne over a 30 year period we have forged many posititive relationships with clients and suppliers. We have also seen many changes in the building regulation requirements. Building inspectors are required to keep up to date with changes as new building materials have been designed to meet the stringent needs of the Australian environment as well as complying to the Australian Standards AS 4349.1 2007.

Areas of upgrade but not limited to:

  • Introducing of 5 to 6 star ratings insulation and in some cases higher also it’s important to increase the energy rating of your home and in turn the value of your home and in turn saving on heating and cooling costs

  • And if using a solar panel system as per AS 42.34 2008 is required

  • Foundation design upgrade due to concrete slab waffle pod type failure complying to AS 2870

  • Window glazing strength and fire rated upgrade as per AS 2047-2014

  • Bush fire ratings levels have been introduced in bushfire prone areas in the new estates mostly in the outer areas of Melbourne as per AS 3959-2009

  • Cladding fire rated requirements for polystyrene claddings

  • Plumbing upgrades and timber/truss codes modifications

  • The introduction of water proof systems due to water leakage in shower areas bath and laundry as per Australian standard 37 40 -2010

Having stated some of the most notable Australian standards requirements for the construction of your home my reports will give you the confidence to make a well informed decision on your purchase /investment as there are many different areas of the building process undertaken.

If a house is under construction it is important to work with the builder to achieve an amicable outcome.

Inspecting for pest most notable termites as to why they have been there or are still present, and to remove/exterminate their colony.

The reports are very easy to follow, written for the non building person to understand.

And always we are contactable by phone if you have any questions about our report.