The inspection for Termites is a critical need; as if present the damage that termites will cause can easily run into thousands to fix.

If this damage is found by the purchaser’s inspection it could potentially kill the sale of your property as most purchasers are now buying properties SUBJECT TO TIMBER AND PEST INSPECTION…

So the need to know the condition of your home is now even more critical!

Even if the house is built on a concrete foundation termites can still gain access.

Termites in Melbourne are more prevalent than most people realise. They live in dark, moist, areas and eat the timber in your house, inside and out up to the paint work. They work together as a colony 24 hours, day and night

At Galaxy House Inspections we use the most modern up to date equipment to inspect your home, which is the thermal image camera and moisture meter. The thermal image camera is the latest standard equipment used throughout the industry being a non invasive inspection of present, and in the future problems.

Some of these areas of concern are:

  • Wet or missing insulation
  • Leaking laundry, baths and showers walls and floors
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Rising damp
  • Damage roofs tiles or iron roofs

So the need to find and fix any of these areas of damage is a must!!

Inclusive of this report we also do the standard inspection of your home looking for building faults, minor or major and any safety hazards such as:

  • Door/s misalignment?
  • Floor movement
  • Paint peeling
  • Cracked plaster
  • Cracked tiles
  • Flashing
  • Down pipes
  • Gutters failure

Terms and Conditions

Galaxy house inspections has prepared this report with the Guild lines of Australian Standards 4349.1-2007 requirement of this standard are the minimum visual inspection and not by the removing  any objects including furniture /paintings, beds, clothing, of the residential home under inspection and noted in the report

Clear access is required to man hole [ceiling] 400mmx 500mm and to subfloor [under floor]

Roof exterior off ladder maximum 3.6 placed on the ground

The failure of not signing this agreement and not returning this agreement still means that you have read and understood this agreement and will be charged as per the cost of inspection

The report is prepared for and only who is stated on report and cannot be used by any other unless agreed before the inspection has been carried out

The report has been carried out by the inspector providing it is safe to do, clear access and safe from hazards, chemicals and obstructions

The inspection does not cover the workings of electrical appliances, gas appliances, smoke detectors cooling systems, window coverings, pool and spa and its equipment and doors electrical powered

The report does not comment on legal matters, that should have been covered when it was purchased or buy the nominated building surveyor when under construction unless mention before the inspection carried out

Buy accepting this agreement you accept to pay the total payment on or before receiving the report

The return to, reinspect or negotiate with owner or other parties will be at a cost $150. Per hour